Schoolcraft Township

Board Of Review

Board Members


Richard Bailey

Steve Holton

Joel Nelson


12 – 31 -2024

12 – 31 -2024

12 – 31 -2024


March Board of Review
The Board of Review meets in March annually to review the property assessment roll prepared by the Township Assessor, to hear appeals from property owners, and to correct the assessment rolls, if necessary.  Appointed by the Township Board, its citizen members serve two (2) year terms.  Per statute, the BOR meets at least 12 hours during a March week selected by the State.

July & December Board of Review
The July and December Board of Review can only address Clerical Errors and Mistakes of Fact related to real and personal property assessments. Appeals may also be heard for current year only Poverty Exemption requests. The Board of Review may also consider current and up to 3 years prior of Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption affidavit requests where no previous affidavit was filed and denied. Veterans Exemption requests can also be heard for the current year only. The July and December Board of Reviews are prohibited from hearing property valuation disputes.