Schoolcraft Township

Application & Fees

Planning and Zoning*

Liquor Licensing*

Private Road

Construction Code*

*  The application fee for each item in this category is the “actual costs” incurred by the Township with respect to the processing and consideration of the application.  The amount indicated for each item is an application fee deposit that will be applied to the “actual costs” when they are determined.  The applicant will subsequently receive either a bill or a refund, along with a statement of the costs incurred.  For more information see the application fees resolution approved by the Township Board 1/14/03.

Note: The amount of each application fee deposit assumes that the matter will be considered at a regular meeting of the relevant body. For consideration at a special meeting, the initial deposit amount shall be increased by the amount of the per diem compensation for the total membership of the pertinent body, as established by the Township Board. Presently those amounts are as follows:

*Planning Commission         $360.00
*Zoning Board of Appeals    $340.00
*Township Board                 $150.00
*Attorney Fees                     Actual Charge